Tony Lante Photography & Cinematography

When you choose your wedding photographer, you are not just buying a service - you are investing in memories. That's why you should not just hire a photographer, but to connect with a talented professionals who is capable of creating meaningful and artistic moments. Here at Tony Lante Photography & Cinematography we have an array of photography & cinematography professional who work very hard to provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.

My team and I have photographed 300+ weddings, and learned how to capture the magic that you can enjoy for decades from now. I believe happiness can be delivered through the pictures we capture. My goal is to provide you with professionalism, creativity and quality. Whether you’re having a large weekend celebration or you’re looking for to capture meaningful moments down at city hall.

I believe that wedding photography is a vision that is not only created by a photographer but by our clients as well. Therefore we seek to establish a strong personal connection with all of our clients and give the best images with our distinguished photography style.