About Tony Lante Photography and Cinematography

Photography has always been an interest of mine, since I was 13 years old you could always find me with a camera in hand. I will never forget the first wedding I ever attended. The groom in a smart, trim suit and the bride, in an elegant updo and classy white with a train that ran all the way down the aisle. As there eyes first met and the tears started to build in their eyes I knew this was a moment I would witness time and time again. I could envision the photographs, the candid’s in my head. There were probably about 50 photos taken that day. All of them meaningful. All of them precious. Therein lies the true of why I do what I do, although that wedding might not have meant much to many of there guests every wedding carries on a special memory with me, reminding me why I wake up everyday. I have now photographed thousands of weddings and built many great relationships! I enjoy hearing love stories and telling those stories again through my lens. 20 amazing years behind the lens has taught me a lot, making me more professional and better equipped to photograph the complexities of big events and little moments. I am a clear and straightforward communicator with the ability to know how to capture everlasting moments. Professional photography isn’t about gimmicks or tricks, it is a mix of talent, hard work, and experience. I seek constantly to be open to people and moments, to see the details that others might miss, and to reveal the essence of my subjects in a way that is artistic. I have carefully hand picked each one of my team members and can truly say I am lucky to have found some of the best photographers in the business! When you do what you love, your work stands out.

Let us retell the story that will not only be cherished by you but by your children and grandchildren, friends and family past, present and future.