Weekly Wedding Photography Tips

For as long as I have been photographing weddings guests taking photographs at the same time while the photographer is taking family group shots has been an issue. The problem with this is simple, if there are several people trying to take the same picture, everyone in the photograph is not focused on the one person whose job it is to actually photograph the family. When you get the pictures back there is always one or more people who are not looking at the main photographer’s camera; people’s attention is on one of the other four “photographers.” We want all the smiling faces and eyes to be looking at camera so the photograph is perfect. Another situation where too many cameras can spoil the fun is during the reception when photographing the formalities such as the first dance or cake cutting. The problem with too many guests photographing the cake cutting or first dance is as that as the wedding photographer it is hard to take a photograph of the bride and groom without guests with cameras in the pictures. When everyone takes on the roll of photographer it’s almost impossible for the real photographer to get an image with just the bride and groom dancing or cutting the cake. In addition it makes it hard for them to get the best vantage point or move around if they are boxed in by the other guests.

What can you as the bride and groom do to help make sure that this does not happen at your wedding?

You can send a card along with your invitations saying you have hired a professional photographer and you would appreciate it if your guests would be cautious and not get in their way. You could also post a sign or you may have your clergy ask the guests not to take photographs during the ceremony. If you have a particularly over zealous shutterbug in your family make sure you or someone else respectfully talks with them before your wedding asking them to not get in the photographer’s way or to please leave their camera at home. The bride and groom can also support the photographer on the wedding day by giving them the permission to politely ask guests who are causing a distraction to refrain from doing so. If that doesn’t work sometimes the bride or groom needs to then ask them to stop. I realize this can be an uncomfortable thing to do but if the outcome of your wedding pictures is important to you then it is something you have to prepare for. If you do you will help ensure better results.

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